Chicken feeder Christmas tree display

chicken feeder close up-1Christmas Day is almost here!  I have been picking up these little Christmas trees for a few months.  I almost always find one or two on a trip to the thrift store.  It is funny how you can find so many Christmas decorations in July.  The best part is no one else seems to want them.  I snatch them up every time.  I actually keep a storage bin in my closet to collect all my treasures throughout the year.

junktales chicken feeder 2  This galvanized chicken feeder came home with me back in August when Debbie and I went to the Hillsville, VA Flea Market.  I have had candles, pumpkins, and gourds in this thing.  I love to fill it with all kinds of goodies ever season.  When it came to Christmas this year, I just could not decide how to fill the feeder.  It sat empty on the shelf for weeks.  One night i just hit me….trees!  I found a small jar full of epsom salt from Halloween.  It was all alone in the garage.  I poured it into the feeder and I knew it needed trees and candles.  I dug through my tree collection, lined them up in the tray and instant center piece.  I put this on my island with some metal bowls filled with vintage ornaments.  I think it turned out cute and I am happy to use my little feeder.

Merry Christmas and Junk ON!  Pam                                                                                 junktales chicken feeder big tree close up_edited-1

Advent Calendar *JUNKY* Style!

Advent Calendar finishedI had all of these wonderful intentions this year for a Christmas advent calendar.  I wanted to create an event or activity for each day of the month leading up to Christmas day.   Well needless to say….I didn’t make it!  I sometimes have such wonderful intentions, but just run out of time (don’t we all!)

I found this cupcake tin at a local thrift store for .50.  I gave it a quick coat of paint and began the process of creating my “12 Days of Christmas” count down calendar.2012-12-04 16.41.39

I wanted to create a small “door” to cover each space to hide the activity slip.

I pulled out some scrapbooking and small Christmas supplies and got to work.

I started with tags, stickers, fans, snowflakes and of course my trusty dusty CRICUT!  I wanted the calendar to be fun and eclectic.  I remembered I had found some cute vintage elves this summer at a yard sale.  I love the way they look sitting on the shelf.  I rolled up the daily activity and tucked it under the Elves arms.  I think the girls will have a lot of fun with this.  We will see!  It starts today, wish us luck!

Junk ON!


DSC_0207Advent calendarAdvent calendar Elf

Merry Junky Christmas

Vintage sledjunktales front porch treesHappy Holidays!

One of the best decisions we made with this house was the front porch.

My husband and I knew we wanted to have a place to be outside, but protected.  I have loved spending many afternoons on the porch with my friends and family.

I always enjoy decorating it for every holiday.  This year I went a little vintage rustic.  I love Christmas, but not always the traditional red and green.  I kept it simple, well simple for me. The red, white and silver balls fill the urns that hold the Christmas trees.  They are plastic so are perfect for outdoor use.

The old sled came from my husband Stuart’s family.  He has great stories of sledding down his front hill and of course crashing into things. That might explain why one of the runners are broken!

The metal buckets were added to our porch by my Father-in-law.

He had so many of these that he picked up on his many adventures.

The very Charlie Brown trees came from a yard sale.  The woman practically begged me to take them away.

The stars were created by Debbie and I.  I am not sure if I have told that story, but oh boy was it comical.

We were so ridiculous trying to make these things.

porch star dark

Merry Christmas and Junk ON!


GraNdpA’s FuNky FaUceT ChrIStMas TrEe

junktales faucet tree_edited-1

Happy Christmas Y’all

My family and I decided we would take a trip to NY to visit my husbands family.  My father- in- law was a bit of a “collector”.  My youngest daughter was bored, looking for something to do Saturday afternoon and asked if she could “pick” Grandpa’s garage.  Of course I was more than happy to go along for the fun.  We found a bucket full of old outdoor faucet handles.  My Mother -in -law had them in the discard pile.  We had to save them and recreate them into something wonderful for Christmas.  Within seconds, my dauther and I both knew they had to become a Christmas tree.  Don’t ask me why!  We searched through the garage and found the perfect piece of wood to become the base.  We gave it a quick coat of gray paint and sanded it.  Next, we layed out the faucets to to find the perfect pattern for the tree.  I had no glue on hand so I used small finishing nails to hang the faucets on.  The base is a large washer and a couple of faucets to build it up.  My favorite part of this project was when my daughter pulled the bathroom faucet out of the bucket and said “Mommy, look the star”.  She was right!  It makes the perfect tree topper for our crazy funky faucet Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

Junk ON!


Junktales wings to help you WaNDeR!

     My newest obsession has become with wings.  I am not really sure why???  I guess I just love the way they make me feel, like I could just fly away and wander the open sky!  Okay maybe not, but I can pretend!

Here are a few that I have been working on.  The larger wings are about 4 feet across.

The smaller ones are about 18″ across and are displayed on a stick and rustic wooden base.  The very soft color of the coffee filters lends itself to the angel wing creation.

I threw in a pair made from vintage hymnal paper.  I love the wings on the sticks.  They can go anywhere!

I hope you all enjoy!!

Junk ON!


Happy Fall Y’ALL

Vintage Whisks, paper and pumpkins…oh my!

Well Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.  Those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Halloween!

I go crazy decorating my house for the SpOokY event!

Now that it is over, I had to come up with a few little Fall decorations, fast and simple!

We are very lucky this year to have my Mother in Law and Sister in Law coming to visit for Thanksgiving.

I wanted to add a few special touches to our home to make it festive for “turkey day”.

Debbie and I love these vintage kitchen whisks.  We really had to work hard for these babies!

Debbie and I have a secret place we go “junkin”.  These beauties were stuffed away in an old school bus, yes school bus.  I had to squeeze through the emergence exit door (about 10″) to retrieve them.  Long story short…..I took a hard blow to the eye on a metal table leg.

This is the danger of junkin…. I lost my contact and Debbie had to drive the van home.

 I had a nasty bruise for a few days, but it was so worth it for the whisks.

The old rusty bed springs were a flea market find.  How cute are they with the pumpkins perched on top.

The paper flowers I made were so cute just nestled inside the whisk.

I love all of the different textures, but the very junky cool vibe of fall.

It may not be traditional, but it is me!  I love it!

Thanks for looking….JUNK ON!


Mixing things up in the kitchen!

So I have been waiting to create this “new” fixture for a few weeks.  This was an idea that Debbie and I got from the cool chicks from Junk Gypsies.  We love their junkie style.  We were so lucky to find these vintage mixing whisks at our favorite junk spot.  Okay well let me define “find”.  We went on our junk adventure one hot day and Debbie and I spotted what looked like a whisk in an old school bus.  That is right, school bus.  Our friend stores things in all kinds of places.  I decided that I wasn’t leaving there with out it.  I squeezed in through the back of the bus.  The exit door would only open about 6″ and I was getting in there even if I had to strip down and grease myself up.   JACKPOT!   We found not one, but at least 10 vintage mixing whisks.

Now the biggest problem we have is decing if we want to sell them or keep them all for ourselves.  Stay tuned!