Pulley Chandelier


Over the past year, I have been updating and personalizing our new home while neglecting my blogging duties (sorry Pam!).  The previous owners left us with a horribly tacky brass chandelier with swans on it.  I apologize for not including a picture of it, but really just imagine the worst!  My decorating style has evolved to what I like to call rustic farmhouse.  Oh, and did I forget to say I’m cheap too?  I found this red barn pulley at a flea market for $5.00.  It was definitely a steal as I had been searching for several months for something in my budget.

I’ve got to admit I was completely unsure how to proceed once I found the pulley.  Luckily my husband was willing to help.  We took a trip to Lowe’s and found 2 basic pendant light kits as well as some heavy duty chain and hooks.  From there, it’s just a matter of following the directions on the light kit.  Much, much easier than I expected.

This is one of my very favorite projects.  I love this pulley, but really you could use anything to create a personalized chandelier.  The sky’s the limit!

Junk On!



Family Room Fireplace

dsc_0386We have lived in our house for over 8 years now.  I have HATED the slate fireplace that came with the house.  dsc_0375                                                  dsc_0376

This is it.  YUCK  I just had to live with it for awhile for a couple of reasons. 1) I kept saying that we were going to sell the house and move…so why upgrade it.  2) I just wasn’t sure what I really wanted if I did change it.

Well I finally came to the conclusion that we were moving.  It only took 8 years 😉

I really hated the black, but wasn’t sold on something else.  I did find these very cool tiles at Lowes.  I have tan walls as you can see.  I was so tired of “tan”, but I really could not afford to have the walls painted.  When we choose to tile I thought this would be a great opportunity to add the grays, whites and creams I have fallen in love with.  dsc_0380

The summer time is my time to take on big projects.  This was the big one for summer 2013.  My husband was actually on board with this one.  He isn’t always so willing when it comes to ripping things apart, but I think he hated the fireplace as much as I did.

We started by ripping the slate off the wall.  It really wasn’t that hard.  Believe it or not the slate was stuck to the wall with 4 big globs of glue.


As you can see it ripped some of the drywall off.  It just needed some simple patching and it was good to go.

We are lucky enough to have a friend that owns a wet saw.  I am telling you, if you have the right tools it makes any project easier.

We measured and re measured and started the cutting.  We went the easy route with this project.  We choose tile that did not need to be grouted.  SMART!

We used tile adhesive to stick these babies up.  That’s right adhesive!


Here Lily is spreading on the adhesive.  She is such a good helper.  Look at that look of concentration!  With a little help from her Dad they start to lay the tile.  Looking good!

dsc_0381I had to give it a try.  I mean at least have my picture taken like I was involved!


We are all very happy with the way it turned out.  You can see the cool reclaimed pallet wood doors my husband also made.

Total cost for tile and adhesive $125.00.  Not bad for a whole new look!

I have a few more touches to add to the mantel and maybe even change the tile on the floor.  Not quite sure yet.  Stay tuned….

Junktales Chalkboard Art


I am not the most computer literate person.  I hate to admit things like that, but what the heck, it’s the truth.  I decided today that I was going to try to teach myself how to create one of these very cool and trendy chalkboard art signs.  I followed a few other bloggers tips and here it is…. my very first chalkboard art.    I would love to have it printed as business cards or postcards to hand out at our shows.

I will continue to play around and try new things.  I really am a trial and error kinda girl.

If you have any tips or ideas I would love to hear them.



Junk ON!

hAlLoOWeEn PaRtY 2013



I just can’t stop myself when it comes to decorating for Halloween.  I really wish I could just turn it off and stop feeling the need to decorate and create new things.  All that being said….Let me show you all of the things I have done this year for the great Halloween Party 2013.

I will start with the mantel.  I wanted to keep the colors simple this year.  No orange for me on the mantel.  The TV is hiding behind my creepy OLD sister charcoals.  I found these lovely ladies at a local antique store and knew they had to become a part of my Halloween festivities.  The Quija boards are all over the house.  I must be a magnet for them.  I seem to find them everywhere.  I must have 5 or 6 in my collection.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t use them for anything but decoration at Halloween.  The pennant is a store bought cutie and I added the ribbon, crepe paper and flower rosettes to give it more body.

  I am really not a purist when it comes to decorating for any holiday.  I love the spooky gray, black and white, but I do not shy away from those great pops of Halloween orange.




This is my front hall.  I have a crazy collage wall here year round.  I am such a Halloween junkie.  I take down most of the items off this wall to hang my collection.

I have a little black and white table in my family room.  I love skulls as you can tell.  I especially love this very blinged out guy under the cloche!


The Dining Room


dsc_0252dsc_0254I have been on a mercury paint kick lately.

dsc_0247I painted the three glass pumpkins on the table.  Super easy to do.  It was so much cheaper than buying them from Pottery Barn.  A couple of white owls with black glitter ting ting, black rose petals and cheese cloth.

DONE!  This will be a nice spot for our guest to linger while the eat and drink.

If you look carefully you can see the costume prize awards on the table.

More about those later.

I added the black bats to the wall of mirrors and made a spooky wreath to add another touch to the center mirror.

My next place to spread dsc_0226dsc_0227

Halloween joy, the kitchen.

I created the giant pinwheels that are hanging on the wall with

gift wrap, a very old newspaper, coffee filters and scrapbook paper.

I love the way the fill up this wall with all of my favorite colors.

The book case is full of my Ouija boards, my “poison” bottles and some fun DIY skeleton art.

I hit the mother load on these bottles.  They were at my local Goodwill this summer.  The entire box of 12 was $6.25, but wait….it was half off.  I scooped them up.  I knew I could add some great labels and they would be wonderful to sprinkle in here and there.


I have a few more rooms that need final touches and then of course there is the big night.  I will add those pictures soon.

Thanks for looking!

Junk ON!


Family Room Chair “slipcover”

familyroom chair

I am very, very THRIFTY!  I do not like to spend money on anything I think I could do on my own.  So….when I decided I wanted a new look for the chairs in my family room, I wasn’t willing to pay $300.00 a chair to have a slip cover made.

This is what I was starting with.  familyroom chair 3  I was so in love with this fabric 8 years ago.

Here are the drop clothes just laying over the chair.  familyroom chair 2

When we bought our new home I wanted to go more modern, streamline.  HA what was I thinking?  My inner Junker called me back and I have been completely “junkin” up the place for a couple of years now.

So back to my thriftiness.  I know how expensive upholstery fabric can be.  I didn’t want to spend a ton on fabric that I really didn’t know how to sew into a slip cover.  I thought about canvas drop clothes as an alternative.  I found two HUGE gray toned canvas drop clothes at Big Lots.  They were only $15.00 each.  I came home and put the drop clothes in a closet for about 6 months.  I was SO afraid to try to make my own slip cover.  One night I was complaining to my girlfriends that I needed to just go ahead and pay someone to make them.  My wonderful friend Clarissa “volunteered” to help me make them.  She has far better sewing skills than I do.  One afternoon she came over and we began the process, that we had NO IDEA what we were doing.  Well I didn’t, maybe Clarissa knew more than me. 🙂

We started by chalking out the shape of the arms onto a piece of newspaper.  We used that as a templete on the fabric and cut them out.  We then just wrapped the fabric over the arms, marked it and cut those out.familyroom chair fabric

Okay I know this is not an exact plan on how to make a slip cover, but hey It worked for me.

     familyroom chair fabric Clarrisa

After we pinned them together we did a quick sew job.  Well not that quick.  The fabric was a little thick and kept catching.  In the end we made it work.

Once Clarrissa and I got the “fitted” arms made I slipped them on.  Then I looked and looked and looked at the chairs.  I had no desire or skills to finish I job like this.  I did what I always do.  I came up with an easy fix.  I found the seem in the drop cloth and I made that match up with the seam on the seat cushion.  I cut out a long piece of fabric that would over lap the back of the chair down over the seat cushion and tuck underneath.

I then STAPLED it!  That’s right I said it STAPLED!  I am a big believer in hot glue and a staple gun.  Now let me say this.   NO ONE sits in these chairs.  They look good in the coroners of the room, that’s it!  If I had crazy kids who jumped on these things, or even sat in them I would never had done it this way.  I just wanted to cover that fabric and I went for a quick fix.

They have been this way for about a month.  They have been sat in a few times and are holding up great.  I am really happy with my creation.familyroom chair

I have more projects to share from my family room, STAY TUNED…….

Junk ON!


Halloween Bone Wreath

halloween wreath 2012

For the last few years the Dollar Store has had these cute little skeletons.  I knew I wanted to do something fun with them.  I have seen other bloggers create cute things.  I am sure a wreath was the first idea that came across a lot of creative minds.

Of course at the same time I am totally into creating pinwheels with Halloween scrapbook paper and cupcake foils.

I combined the two elements together and BOOM a new wreath.

I love the shiny foil from the cupcake wrappers.  They just add a little “bling”.  The black roses are from Michael’s.

This cutie has gone to a very good friends home to live for Halloween.

I am sure I will be creating something new after I take a trip to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Joann’s Craft.  I can’t go to any of these places with out coming home with something new to “create”.

More Halloween to come.

Junk ON!