Halloween Bone Wreath

halloween wreath 2012

For the last few years the Dollar Store has had these cute little skeletons.  I knew I wanted to do something fun with them.  I have seen other bloggers create cute things.  I am sure a wreath was the first idea that came across a lot of creative minds.

Of course at the same time I am totally into creating pinwheels with Halloween scrapbook paper and cupcake foils.

I combined the two elements together and BOOM a new wreath.

I love the shiny foil from the cupcake wrappers.  They just add a little “bling”.  The black roses are from Michael’s.

This cutie has gone to a very good friends home to live for Halloween.

I am sure I will be creating something new after I take a trip to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Joann’s Craft.  I can’t go to any of these places with out coming home with something new to “create”.

More Halloween to come.

Junk ON!


Back to School Wreath

dsc_0023Well it is that time of year again.  Here in Virginia we start school tomorrow.  It is bitter-sweet.  I am so excited that my girls are returning to school, but I am not looking forward to all the “routine” again.  We have really enjoyed the fun, crazy, fly by the seat of your pants summer!

I wanted to mark the occasion of school starting with what else….a new wreath for my front door.  When all else fails on a creative funk day, make a wreath!  I found these old flash cards at a yard sale a few months ago.  I just loved the simple vintage design.  I picked them up for $1.00 and I knew I would make something.

dsc_0670I started with NO ideas at all.  I just laid them out on the table and stared at them.

I had a few cardboard cake bases.  I thought they would make a good size and shape for the wreath.

I simply started gluing them to the edges of the cardboard.  I knew I wanted three levels so I would have to stager the layers on each dsc_0674level.  I needed there to be height in between.  I didn’t show them, but I used empty ribbon spools.  They worked perfect!  Just the right height.  Once I got the layers going and added my height I realized it looked a little empty.  Okay what do you think of when you think back to school?  Paper, Pencils, glue….. Notebook paper.  That was it!  Notebook paper was the perfect filler.

dsc_0676I kept layering and layering and finally felt done.  I looked at it and thought it was missing something.  COLOR!  I added a few pencils in for color and made the center out of crinkled notebook paper.  I just added a cute little chalkboard to the center to complete the school theme.dsc_0020

I hope you have a wonderful school year.  Keep checking back for more posts.  I have taken a break for a while, but I will be working really hard to post every week.

Happy Junkin’


Happy New Year Wreath!

DSC_0373Happy New Years to all my “junkie” friends!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and you are all getting your craft on and ready for a New Year celebration!   I could not stop myself from making a New Year’s wreath.  I have been so inspired by all of the really amazing things I have seen on Pinterest.  I just needed a “little” decoration to jazz up my home for a New Year dinner.

I had some extra tinsel garland that I had used to decorate my Reindeer “bling” art.  I did not want to go out a buy anything new.  I dug through my craft closet and found pieces to make a frame form to wrap the garland around.


 I quickly glued it all together and go to work creating my wreath.  I knew I had bought some party hat stickers last year after the holidays.  I try really hard to keep all of my stickers and scrapbooking supplies organized in a file drawer.  I knew they were in there!  They needed a little weight added to them to make them stand out onthe very wild and busy tinsel wreath.  I made pin wheel fans of clock face scrapbook paper and centered the tinsel stickers.


I then added black and silver paper to the back of the party hats.  I knew I had some gift wrap add ons in silver and gold from a few years back.  I had never used them on gifts, but I could not think of a better way to make good use of them now!

It still needed a little something to state the obvious…”NEW YEARS”!  I had some puffy silver stickers that a made a pennant banner with and hung in the middle!DSC_0379

This project only took about an hour to finish.  I am excited to hang it in my kitchen and share with all of my New Year guest!

Have a Happy New Year!

Junk ON!


Comic Book Wreath!

My love of paper strikes again…

I found some amazing old comics at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  For all of my comic fans out there.  I did look them up to see if they were worth a MILLION dollars before I ripped them up.  They were not!

I am so happy with the way this turned out with the comic and craft paper combination.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Junk ON!


Circus Wreath


I made this wreath to hang on the front door of our home for my daughter’s Circus Theme birthday party.  I just couldn’t stop myself.  I love the raffle tickets with old tread spools, plastic kid’s animals and Mommy made tickets.

The “circus” banner hanging in the center is made from reclaimed game pieces.  I love to find that unwanted junk and recreate it! 

She really loved this and was so excited that I made it for her party. 

If you love it, buy it and DIY!  Nothing is beyond the limits!

I hope you enjoy and have fun creating your own items.