Cupid’s Love Valentine’s Day 2015


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Everywhere I go I see the traditonal signs of Valentine’s Day.  RED…PINK…WHITE!

This year I decided I wanted something a little different.

I found some inspiration when I visited the dollar store one day.

I was on the toy aisle and I saw a “NINJA” bow and arrow set.


I knew I did NOT want RED.  Nothing against RED but I just wasn’t feeling it this year.

I was feeling GOLD…and of course GLITTER!

I took my little arrow home and hit it with a few coats of gold spray paint.  I added glitter on the handle and I think she was looking kinda cute.



As I was waiting for the glitter to dry I was thinking about what else does cupid need….WINGS!

WINGS…..I have those!  I made a few sets of coffee filter wings at Christmas time.  I went to my stash of supplies and found 2  sets of wings that I knew I could use for Valentine’s Day!


I used the large wings to hang cupids arrow on and the smaller wings enjoy some affection from these gold love hearts!

The area just needed a little light.  I feel like this time of year is just so dark.  I can’t stand it!

These lights were a steal at Hobby Lobby.  After Halloween everything was 80% off and on an off chance I found this set of lights for almost nothing.  I think they were returned and 2 of the bulbs were broken.  I got even a better bargain.

I took the orange and black blubs out and hit the cord with gold spray paint.


light-glitterI little gold metallic shredded paper and gold doillies to cover the table.

I am really enjoying this little display.

What have you done to decorate for Valenine’s Day?

Anything special?




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