JunKtAlES Baby its Cold Outside Wreath

Christmas Wreath blog

This summer I stumbled upon these old wagon “walls”.  I guess that is what you would call them.


They are wood and had just the right patina on them.  I practically jumped into the bin when I found them at the thrift store.  I am always amazed at what people will donate to their local thrift stores.  I am also always thankful.

This was one of those days!

I snatched them up and paid a whopping $5.00 for them!

I know some people would say I was crazy to pay anything for them, but I had a big picture in mind for these babies!

I knew they would make something wonderful for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure what, but I was thinking card display when I first found them.

When I started decorating this year for Christmas I decided that they would become a wreath.

So I did what all crafters do.  I sat and looked at them, and looked and looked.

  I had nothing coming to my mind!  YIKES.

Finally one afternoon it hit me….

Chalkboard, greenery and of course FAKE SNOW.

I live in the south and we really don’t get a lot of snow around here.  When we do the entire city shuts down.

I wanted a little of the white stuff where I could appreciate it, on my wreath!


I started with the snow in the can.  I love this stuff.  I buy it cheap at the end of the year.

I bought this can for .35.

I tied the four sections together with twine and then I had my husband screw my chalkboard into the middle.  It really helped stabilize the entire wreath.

20131206_140643  20131206_140636

I really was short on time and patience at this point.

I didn’t want to write out my own chalkboard saying.

I found some great printables on www.theshabbycreekcottage.com

What a life saver.

I loved them all, but I chose the

“Baby it’s cold outside”

I thought it was perfect for my front porch junkin’ wreath.

I simple printed it out and taped it onto my chalkboard.

Then I went hunting in my yard for greenery to put on the wreath.

I am lucky to have some mature evergreen trees.



I used crafting wire to attach them together and to the base of my wreath.

The bow is made from upholstery strap material.  We all love this stuff…..79 a yard at

Joann Fabrics. LOVE!

I glued on a couple of cheap Dollar Store snowflakes that I had already sprayed with snow.


Added the bow and ties on…

and DONE!

One AWESOME junkin’ wreath.

I think it is very original, festive and so ME!

I hope you enjoy!

Merry Junkin’ Christmas!

Junk ON!



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