beGinNinG tO LoOk a liTtlE LiKE ChRIsTMaS!

Christmas junktales begining collage

Okay so it is December 1st.  We had a wonderful and crazy Thanksgiving.  We were all so thankful that Stuart’s family and my family could ALL be together for the holiday.

My thankfulness comes in the form of food….I am so thankful they all like to cook, because I DON’T!

We had a little “issue” when making some appetizers, but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade?  When your husband cooks the meat he should not have, you make empanadas!

My husband is a hunter.  I know most of you know that.  Well he was “fortunate” enough to have killed a deer the week before Thanksgiving.

We have over 50 lbs. of venison in our freezer.  He was so excited to make stuffed mushrooms for his family, but he got a little over zealous when he started and cooked the meat too soon.

My sister in laws jumped into action and decided they would make empanadas.  They made the dough from scratch!  That is right from scratch!

20131128_134043   20131128_134004           20131128_134351   20131128_145352

They were so yummy….I wish I could have shared with everyone!

After we stuffed ourselves silly I made them all help me start decorating for Christmas.

There were a few moans and groans, but they were all so very helpful with getting us started to decorate.

After dragging everything down from the attic, we slowly began decorating the trees.  I have a cute silver vintage one I will show soon.



Of course the darn thing had at least 1 or maybe 100 lights out!


Thankfulness #2:  Domingo is very handy when it comes to fixing the lights.  He and Alison must have worked on them for an hour!  Looks great now.

I started working on the mantel today.  Not really completely done, but here is a sampling to get the ideas started.  I will post the entire finished project tomorrow.

Christmas junktales begining collage

Have a great night and JUNK ON!



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