Vintage silver sugar bowl Trees!

20131121_121842 20131121_121848 20131121_124359

I pick up these little silver sugar bowls anywhere I can find them.  I don’t really care if it is a sugar bowl or a silver creamer.  I LOVE them!  There is good and bad news to this….. BAD:  Other people love them to, so they are becoming harder to pick up at thrift stores or yard sales.

GOOD: If you do find them at yard sales most people are happy to see them go to a good home.  I am often told “No one really appreciates these fancy little bowls anymore”

Well I DO!

Okay I am turning them into something else, but at least they are not going into hiding in a drawer or worse a landfill.

This Christmas season I have been just crazy about creating anything that I can add a small tree into!

I have jars, trucks and now sugar bowls.

I wanted to create that rustic yet sophisticated Junktales look!

I glued the tree into the bowl and it had to have a tree skirt.  Some coffee filters and vintage newspaper made it come together.

I cut the paper and filters with pinking sheers to create that jagged edge.

I think they are just darn adorable.

I think others do too, because I have sold quite a few.

Now back to the hunt for more sugar bowls.

P.S.  if you have some you don’t want, you know who to call!

Junk ON!



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