Junkin’ Christmas Truck!


20131124_113554     20131121_114800

Merry Junkin’ Christmas!

Every junker needs a beat up pick up truck.  Unfortunatly mine comes in this toy size.  One day I will own an old beat up truck, but for now I will have to just enjoy this one.

I really wanted a vintage toy truck, but they are not easy to find and when you do they are VERY expensive.

I looked and looked for a cheap one to junk up.

Success…. I found this toy truck at my local thrift store.



I am not a fan of the colors it came with.  I wanted it white “ish”.  I covered the wheels and started off to paint it.

jt 6

The dark colors that were on the truck did NOT want to be covered.  It took a LOT of paint to cover.

Finally I was somewhat happy with the color.

I gave it a nice decorative sanding and then began to bling it up!

jt 2

I created the “JUNKTALES” banner from old dictionary paper with some glitter letters.   20131121_114800

Just toss a tree in the back and a wreath on the front and you are ready for the holidays.


This little truck will find a place of honor in my home this year.

I am sure it will travel to some shows also 🙂

Merry Junkin’ Christmas

Junk ON!



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