Southern Cotton Christmas Tree

junktales cotton tree

I know I have said it before, but I am proud to be a southerner.  I love all of the southern traditions.  Our crazy southern expressions and using anything southern style in decorating.

My husband and I went to a North Carolina college.  We loved it so much we named our daughter Caroline.  On our many trips through the state we would see fields and fields of cotton.  It is a staple of the south.

We recently went back to North Carolina to visit our alma mater for a football game.  My girls had to stop along the way and pick some cotton.  The fields were already harvested for the season, so we only took a few scraps left behind.

I knew I had to create a cotton Christmas tree.

Here is how I did it:

20131115_145555     20131115_145536    20131115_150354

I used a Styrofoam tree form, wrapped it with bulap ribbon and started gluing the cotton onto form.

Really not hard at all.  The worst part is cleaning the cotton before you start the project!

Once I was done with the cotton I wanted to add just a few additional elements.

I wrapped the tree with a small piece of twine and then glued various sized and colored jingle bells onto the tree.

I topped it off with a simple glitter star.

I think they turned out very cute.

I love the simplicity of them.


Happy Junkin’



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