Pet Silhouettes

Pet Silhouettes

I like the classic look of a child’s silhouette, but there’s something a little too formal about it for my house.  As a lighter alternative, I decided to create these sweet and easy pet portraits.

Honestly, I found the old oval frames long before I decided what to do with them.  Originally they were gold and contained photos dating back to the 1910s.  Pam has a old photo collection that she uses for Halloween décor so I was happy to donate the pics to the cause.  The frames are chipped, but I didn’t see any point in repairing them because I like an authentic aged look.  All I did was spray paint them silver.

The silhouettes were incredibly easy to make.  The first thing I did was google “dog silhouette” and “cat silhouette” to find clip art that resembles my pets.  I copied and pasted them into a new Word document.  Then I thought it would be cute to create the background paper with dog and cat definitions.  Who knew there were so many different meanings to those two words?  After finding a dictionary website, I cut and pasted the definitions onto a blank Word document.  Then I printed each one separately.  I put that paper back into the printer.  Finally, I printed the animal silhouettes on the definition paper.  It does take some trial and error to center the images, but overall this was a very easy project.

Junk on & keep your eye out for great old frames at yard sales and thrift stores!




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