Screen Door Headboard & Guest Room Makeover

                                             GR Fullshot_edited-1      GR before 1_edited-3My obsession continues with making over EVERY room in my house.  I really wasn’t planning on working on my guest room so soon, but one day the inspiration just hit me!  I have found that when the ideas come to me…..go for it.  I was lucky to have a few days “open”, ha what a joke.  I made myself take a few days to work on this guest room.

It all started when I said to my husband, “You know what?  We should invite your entire family to our house for Thanksgiving this year”  This got my wheels turning.  I was so over the “playroom/Exchange student room/guest room”.  This room has had so many identies, even it was confused.  I was finally DONE with it and some how found the energy and inspiration to make it over!

Here are a few before shots:

GR before 3GR before 2

Now remember this was a playroom for my two little girls for years..

Boy of boy….this room is a dump.  It is a junky storage space for everything.  All of those unwanted things no one wants to deal with!

Okay so I started by picking a very fun soft blue color for this room.  It is Sherwin Williams color Watery.

GR 5

My sweet little Lily “helped” me paint.  She can be a very good helper, when she wants to be.  You like those cinderblocks?  Those are my bed frame.  Hey you gotta use what you have and I have cinderblocks.

Once the room was painted I got to work on placing the furniture.  This room is VERY VERY small.  It really only has room for a twin bed.  I knew it would make more sense to put the bed in the cove on the one long wall, but I just couldn’t do it.

I had to place it on the wall you see when you look into the room.  Here Lily and Lucy are laying on the bed.

GR 4

One of my favorite things about this makeover is the “headboard”  It is one of my many garage sale finds.  Debbie talked me into this door at a yard sale.  The lady wanted $20.00, but I was too cheap.  She took $15.00 (thanks to Debbie’s negotiation skills)  The wreath hanging on the door is one of my original paper wreath creations from an old atlas.

GR Map wreath

It has been hanging in my dining room, but I needed a safe place to hang it when I started decorating for Halloween.  This is where it came and this is where it will stay.  I LOVE it here!

Once the headboard was up on the wall we got to work on the lighting.  These hanging wall sconces have had many lives.  They came from IKEA many years ago when Stuart and I bought our first house.  One of the original globes broke and rendered them useless for a while.  One day on my thrifting expeditions I found these two mercury glassed globes at Goodwill.  They were $5.25 for the pair.  I honestly bought them not even thinking about the lamps.  When I started working on the room the two just clicked and I knew I had to use them for this room.

I had to get the “handyman” involved in this project.  He loves to help

GR 3 GR 2

After I had the heavy lifter in the room and all the dust had settled, I went shopping.  The shopping that I love the most, free shopping.  I went from room to room looking for items that would be better used in my new guest room.  I have SO much junk, and I mean that in the nicest way.  I love to move it and repurpose it in any room I am currently working on or just bored with.  I even had a few items that were still living in the garage because they had not found a permanent home yet.

One of them was the wonderful old milk box.

GR milkbox

This was a rescue from my mother in laws garden.  It had been with the house for 40 years.  She told me that when my husband was a baby the milk man still delivered milk to this box every day.  WOW!

The bookcase was a thrift store find.  I paid a whooping $5.00 for it.  It found a perfect home on the angled wall in this room.  It is narrow and long and works great to hold my JUNK!

GR bookcase

The other two details that I love are the old cooler as an ottoman at the foot of the bed and my stacks of old suitcases as a night table.

GR cooler                   GR suitcases

I honestly think that just about everything in this room was a rescue from a garage sale or thrift store.

I eagerly await my house guests at Thanksgiving.  I hope they enjoy staying in this room as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Enjoy your next junkin’ adventures.

Junk ON!


GR Fullshot_edited-1


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