hAlLoOWeEn PaRtY 2013



I just can’t stop myself when it comes to decorating for Halloween.  I really wish I could just turn it off and stop feeling the need to decorate and create new things.  All that being said….Let me show you all of the things I have done this year for the great Halloween Party 2013.

I will start with the mantel.  I wanted to keep the colors simple this year.  No orange for me on the mantel.  The TV is hiding behind my creepy OLD sister charcoals.  I found these lovely ladies at a local antique store and knew they had to become a part of my Halloween festivities.  The Quija boards are all over the house.  I must be a magnet for them.  I seem to find them everywhere.  I must have 5 or 6 in my collection.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t use them for anything but decoration at Halloween.  The pennant is a store bought cutie and I added the ribbon, crepe paper and flower rosettes to give it more body.

  I am really not a purist when it comes to decorating for any holiday.  I love the spooky gray, black and white, but I do not shy away from those great pops of Halloween orange.




This is my front hall.  I have a crazy collage wall here year round.  I am such a Halloween junkie.  I take down most of the items off this wall to hang my collection.

I have a little black and white table in my family room.  I love skulls as you can tell.  I especially love this very blinged out guy under the cloche!


The Dining Room


dsc_0252dsc_0254I have been on a mercury paint kick lately.

dsc_0247I painted the three glass pumpkins on the table.  Super easy to do.  It was so much cheaper than buying them from Pottery Barn.  A couple of white owls with black glitter ting ting, black rose petals and cheese cloth.

DONE!  This will be a nice spot for our guest to linger while the eat and drink.

If you look carefully you can see the costume prize awards on the table.

More about those later.

I added the black bats to the wall of mirrors and made a spooky wreath to add another touch to the center mirror.

My next place to spread dsc_0226dsc_0227

Halloween joy, the kitchen.

I created the giant pinwheels that are hanging on the wall with

gift wrap, a very old newspaper, coffee filters and scrapbook paper.

I love the way the fill up this wall with all of my favorite colors.

The book case is full of my Ouija boards, my “poison” bottles and some fun DIY skeleton art.

I hit the mother load on these bottles.  They were at my local Goodwill this summer.  The entire box of 12 was $6.25, but wait….it was half off.  I scooped them up.  I knew I could add some great labels and they would be wonderful to sprinkle in here and there.


I have a few more rooms that need final touches and then of course there is the big night.  I will add those pictures soon.

Thanks for looking!

Junk ON!



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