Family Room Chair “slipcover”

familyroom chair

I am very, very THRIFTY!  I do not like to spend money on anything I think I could do on my own.  So….when I decided I wanted a new look for the chairs in my family room, I wasn’t willing to pay $300.00 a chair to have a slip cover made.

This is what I was starting with.  familyroom chair 3  I was so in love with this fabric 8 years ago.

Here are the drop clothes just laying over the chair.  familyroom chair 2

When we bought our new home I wanted to go more modern, streamline.  HA what was I thinking?  My inner Junker called me back and I have been completely “junkin” up the place for a couple of years now.

So back to my thriftiness.  I know how expensive upholstery fabric can be.  I didn’t want to spend a ton on fabric that I really didn’t know how to sew into a slip cover.  I thought about canvas drop clothes as an alternative.  I found two HUGE gray toned canvas drop clothes at Big Lots.  They were only $15.00 each.  I came home and put the drop clothes in a closet for about 6 months.  I was SO afraid to try to make my own slip cover.  One night I was complaining to my girlfriends that I needed to just go ahead and pay someone to make them.  My wonderful friend Clarissa “volunteered” to help me make them.  She has far better sewing skills than I do.  One afternoon she came over and we began the process, that we had NO IDEA what we were doing.  Well I didn’t, maybe Clarissa knew more than me. 🙂

We started by chalking out the shape of the arms onto a piece of newspaper.  We used that as a templete on the fabric and cut them out.  We then just wrapped the fabric over the arms, marked it and cut those out.familyroom chair fabric

Okay I know this is not an exact plan on how to make a slip cover, but hey It worked for me.

     familyroom chair fabric Clarrisa

After we pinned them together we did a quick sew job.  Well not that quick.  The fabric was a little thick and kept catching.  In the end we made it work.

Once Clarrissa and I got the “fitted” arms made I slipped them on.  Then I looked and looked and looked at the chairs.  I had no desire or skills to finish I job like this.  I did what I always do.  I came up with an easy fix.  I found the seem in the drop cloth and I made that match up with the seam on the seat cushion.  I cut out a long piece of fabric that would over lap the back of the chair down over the seat cushion and tuck underneath.

I then STAPLED it!  That’s right I said it STAPLED!  I am a big believer in hot glue and a staple gun.  Now let me say this.   NO ONE sits in these chairs.  They look good in the coroners of the room, that’s it!  If I had crazy kids who jumped on these things, or even sat in them I would never had done it this way.  I just wanted to cover that fabric and I went for a quick fix.

They have been this way for about a month.  They have been sat in a few times and are holding up great.  I am really happy with my creation.familyroom chair

I have more projects to share from my family room, STAY TUNED…….

Junk ON!



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