Snow Day Pennant and snowballs from recycled sweaters

                junktales snowballs 2

 I know some of you are thinking, “Why is Pam posting a snow day pennant and snowballs in September?”.

Okay normally I would not post a “seasonal” project so early, but I was inspired by Woman’s Day Magazine.  They are looking for DIY projects using recycled sweaters.  Debbie and I did some serious brainstorming on a road trip and came up with was this pennant and snowballs idea.  We are pretty confident that it is the BEST IDEA EVER!

I think a lot of people struggle with the how to decorate after Christmas. I know I get a little sad when I take down all of by lovely holiday decorations.  Winter can be cold and dark and we just want a little sparkle to brighten up our décor.  So after all of the reds and greens of traditional Christmas, I wanted to cool things down with three of my favorites, blues, tans and grays.  I also I have a love for burlap, twine and GLITTER.  I threw them all in!

We searched a local thrift store and found a good selection of “ugly” sweaters.


 They were crying to be recreated.  Well they were crying mainly because they were so ugly.

Debbie scored a bag full of wooden balls.  She knew right away they would be the perfect size to cover with the sweaters to make the snowballs.

We used a combination of blue,, cream and gray sweaters.  Of course some twine and my trusty Cricut machine to cut of the letters.

First we decided on the size of the pennants, cut them out of a cardboard box that was headed for the recycle bin. We were then ready to cut and glue the sweaters.  We knew that the sweaters would fray when they were cut.  We decided we would cut the sweater size larger than the pennant shape.   I could then roll them over the back and hot glue.  It worked great.

?????????????????????????? ???????????????????

The most challenging part of this project is the “random” order of things.  I don’t do random.  I try really hard, but I am very type A.

I think I did pretty good….sweater pic juntales 2

I had some silver glitter snowflake ornaments, remember every project must have glitter.

I strung them together with some twine and it was done.

We used the sleeves of the sweaters to wrap around the wooden balls.  We pulled it tight onto the ball, rubber banded the bottom and cut the extra off.  We grouped them all in a large wooden bowl with some shredded paper and more glitter snowflakes.

Happy Snow Day 🙂

Junk ON!



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