Recycled yardsticks into NuMBer 4


So I have been collecting vintage yardsticks for a few months now.  I had no clue what I would do with them all.  I really see a theme with my hoarding.  I just buy what I like and I figure I will eventually find a use for it.  I have been busy this summer trying to go through some of my “stock”.    I have been wanting a large number 4 on a wall in my house.  I knew I could cut it out of wood, but I really wanted something different.  One morning a woke up with a crazy idea on how to use those yardsticks.  They were the perfect size for a number 4.

I started by laying them out on the table.  dsc_0505Okay I know it looks like a giant H, but just wait.  I thought “let’s make this easy”.  I decided to cut the yardsticks on the left side in half.  This would make the top left side of the number 4 and the center.

I used my HUGE scissors to cute the yardsticks in half.  A little sanding of the ends gave them a more finished look.  dsc_0510

Once I sanded them I laid them out again.dsc_0509

Okay now that looks like a 4!  Beautiful! dsc_0512

Then decision making time came.  How am I going to make this a united piece and not just a few yardsticks laying together?  GLUE!  I used the blue tape to hold it all together while it dried.  dsc_0704


Notice the cup of coffee.  That really is the most important item needed in any craft room 🙂

Once it dried, I removed the blue tape and I had a nice solid number 4.


I will add some little hooks on back and it will be ready to hang.  I am working on a collage wall for my family room.  I am pretty sure it will be going there, but honestly I really never know.  I will add a few more pictures when that wall is done, if ever!

Thanks for looking!

Junk ON!



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