Laundry Room Makeover

DSC_0371I have been slowly making updates to my home.  We have lived here for almost 8 years.  When we first moved in, I loved dark colors, golds, greens, terracotta.  Those were the “hot” colors of the time.  Now I am more into the cool blues, gray, whites….

I thought I could easily start in the laundry room.  It is not a big space, easy to paint in one day.  I have always hated the wire builder shelf above the washer and dryer.  I wanted it gone, but what would I put there?  I’ve had an old screen door for a few months.  I was driving to work one day and it hit me…. use the screen door as the front to a cabinet.  WOW! Okay now I had to get the cabinet made.  So I did what all woman would do if they had the opportunity, I called my Dad.  He is retired and I thought this would be a great cold rainy day project for him.


He built the frame from MDF, just a giant box. Once my husband had it hung on the wall, we hung the screen door with hinges.     I loved the screen door on the front; well I loved everything except you could see all my junk.  I have been picking up old flour or food sacks at flea markets.  I thought this would  be the perfect use for them.  I simply stapled them to the back of the screen door.  I love the way you see the bags, but still hide all of my laundry room clutter.

Having two cabinets in this room just gave me more top shelf space to display all of my treasures.  The old picnic baskets, soda boxes and of course my hobby-horse.  Love that guy.  Debbie and I found a few of these fun decorations at a local antiques market. For $10 bucks I got a really cool piece.  He travels around my house.  Sometimes on the porch, in the family room and now he has a place of honor in my laundry room.

The chandelier was the inspiration for this entire room.  I found it at a local yard sale.  It was very “vintage” when I found it.DSC_0304I loved the flowers, but I really could not see me using that bright green and yellow in the room.  I wanted it to be a calm space.  I mean if you do as much laundry as most Mom’s you just want to be calm in the laundry room, AND every woman should have a chandelier in their laundry room, right???  It sure beats the ugly fluorescent light fixture that was there!  YUCK!  Since there was a larger light fixture there before, I used an old frame and ceiling tin to cover the large hole that was there.  I think it works great and was cheap and unexpected!

The white cabinets and white counter top where already in the room.  My husband and I had put them in a few years ago.  Here is what the room looked like before the makeover. DSC_0296DSC_0297Yes, Yes I know…what is up with that color?  I have no idea,  but I loved it!

So I had the skirt in a cute clothesline fabric.  I wanted something more sophisticated, so I went with the gray and white chevron.  Chevron is so popular now.  I found it at Hobby Lobby and with my coupon it was really inexpensive.  I folded and stapled it to the underside of the countertop.  What you can’t see is all of my hidden goodies.  My kids shoes, hats, mittens, trash can etc… We all have it and I hate to look at it!

The only thing I have not done is make a new curtain.  I am not sure I will.  It is winter and I am enjoying all the natural light right now.  We will see, maybe soon.

Thanks for looking!




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