Chicken feeder Christmas tree display

chicken feeder close up-1Christmas Day is almost here!  I have been picking up these little Christmas trees for a few months.  I almost always find one or two on a trip to the thrift store.  It is funny how you can find so many Christmas decorations in July.  The best part is no one else seems to want them.  I snatch them up every time.  I actually keep a storage bin in my closet to collect all my treasures throughout the year.

junktales chicken feeder 2  This galvanized chicken feeder came home with me back in August when Debbie and I went to the Hillsville, VA Flea Market.  I have had candles, pumpkins, and gourds in this thing.  I love to fill it with all kinds of goodies ever season.  When it came to Christmas this year, I just could not decide how to fill the feeder.  It sat empty on the shelf for weeks.  One night i just hit me….trees!  I found a small jar full of epsom salt from Halloween.  It was all alone in the garage.  I poured it into the feeder and I knew it needed trees and candles.  I dug through my tree collection, lined them up in the tray and instant center piece.  I put this on my island with some metal bowls filled with vintage ornaments.  I think it turned out cute and I am happy to use my little feeder.

Merry Christmas and Junk ON!  Pam                                                                                 junktales chicken feeder big tree close up_edited-1


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