Reindeer Art with “BLING”

junktales finished deer art

Glitter and reindeer, oh my!  I am in love with both this Christmas.  I found these little cuties at the Dollar Store.  I knew I had to do something fun with them, but what?

I couldn’t just hang them on my tree…NO!  That is just crazy talk.

I wanted to make more of a statement with them.  I found two 8×8 canvases in my craft closet and decided they would make a perfect backdrop for my new glitter buddies.

I wanted to cover the canvas with paper, but I didn’t want the traditional colors of Christmas.  I decided to use more neutral tones for one.  I love the vintage look of the paper and the other has a black background with the traditional stencil print.

I decoupaged the paper to the canvas and let dry.

I then glued the glitter deer to the canvas.

When I was done I knew it needed a little something else.

I dug through my Christmas decorations and found this crazy looking tinsel.  I have had it for a while and have not done a thing with it.

There you go…..project must have.  I hot glued it around the border of canvas and it just gives it that extra “bling” it needed.

I think the finished product is super cute.

I am going to a Christmas Cookie exchange this weekend.  This would make a perfect hostess gift, don’t you think?

Merry Christmas

Junk ON!


junktales deer art in progress


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