Vintage Christmas Tree!

junktales vintage dinning vignette

I love anything vintage.  I get so excited about decorating for Christmas because I know I get to take all of my vintage ornaments out and enjoy them.  I was very lucky to have gotten many vintage ornaments and decorations from my Mother-in-law years ago..  I love that they are a part of the family and she has so many great memories of her parents and Grandparents.  The stores are just so nice to pass down to my girls.  I hope they remember them and hopefully have children of their own to pass them onto one day.
This year I decided to create a “bowl” of them for the dinning room table.  The funniest part of this display is the bowl itself.  It is actually an old  galvanized metal and wood Christmas tree stand.  I found it at a local place that Debbie and I love to go “pickin”.  I have had it on my dinning room table for months, but it will just looks wonderful with Christmas ornaments in it.
I have decorated my entire mantel with all vintage ornaments also.  I will get some pictures of it in the next few days and post those also.
Thanks for looking and ENJOY!
Merry Christmas!
Junk ON!


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