Merry Junky Christmas

Vintage sledjunktales front porch treesHappy Holidays!

One of the best decisions we made with this house was the front porch.

My husband and I knew we wanted to have a place to be outside, but protected.  I have loved spending many afternoons on the porch with my friends and family.

I always enjoy decorating it for every holiday.  This year I went a little vintage rustic.  I love Christmas, but not always the traditional red and green.  I kept it simple, well simple for me. The red, white and silver balls fill the urns that hold the Christmas trees.  They are plastic so are perfect for outdoor use.

The old sled came from my husband Stuart’s family.  He has great stories of sledding down his front hill and of course crashing into things. That might explain why one of the runners are broken!

The metal buckets were added to our porch by my Father-in-law.

He had so many of these that he picked up on his many adventures.

The very Charlie Brown trees came from a yard sale.  The woman practically begged me to take them away.

The stars were created by Debbie and I.  I am not sure if I have told that story, but oh boy was it comical.

We were so ridiculous trying to make these things.

porch star dark

Merry Christmas and Junk ON!



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