GraNdpA’s FuNky FaUceT ChrIStMas TrEe

junktales faucet tree_edited-1

Happy Christmas Y’all

My family and I decided we would take a trip to NY to visit my husbands family.  My father- in- law was a bit of a “collector”.  My youngest daughter was bored, looking for something to do Saturday afternoon and asked if she could “pick” Grandpa’s garage.  Of course I was more than happy to go along for the fun.  We found a bucket full of old outdoor faucet handles.  My Mother -in -law had them in the discard pile.  We had to save them and recreate them into something wonderful for Christmas.  Within seconds, my dauther and I both knew they had to become a Christmas tree.  Don’t ask me why!  We searched through the garage and found the perfect piece of wood to become the base.  We gave it a quick coat of gray paint and sanded it.  Next, we layed out the faucets to to find the perfect pattern for the tree.  I had no glue on hand so I used small finishing nails to hang the faucets on.  The base is a large washer and a couple of faucets to build it up.  My favorite part of this project was when my daughter pulled the bathroom faucet out of the bucket and said “Mommy, look the star”.  She was right!  It makes the perfect tree topper for our crazy funky faucet Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

Junk ON!



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