Cotton Christmas Trees

I went to college in the south, I live in the south, I LOVE the south!

All that being said….cotton is a big part of life in the south.

You really can not go many places in rural North Carolina without seeing a cotton field.

On a recent trip to NC with my daughters, we had to stop at a field and pick some cotton.

The girls were so fascinated with the cotton.  They sat and picked out all of the seeds and leaves.

It came home and was put on a paper plate to dry.  Well of course they forgot all about it.

One night I was feeling rather crafty and I spotted the plate.  I thought…. Christmas tree!

I glued the cotton onto a cone shape, added some twine and vintage buttons.  I was in LOVE!

The only thing it was missing was a star on top.  I sent my daughter out into the yard to gather up some small twigs.

I clipped them into the right size and created the cute rustic star for the top!

There you have it…. Happy Junking!



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