jUnKEd Up gUeST bATh

Welcome to my new junked up guest bathroom.

I recently decided that it was time for me to change my guest bathroom.  I really hated the colors that I had in there, and wanted to add some of my favorite junk to this room.  I started with a neutral “silver screen” color.  I knew that the love of my life (blue tailgate) had to be used in this room.  I added some white hooks to make it function as a towel rack.

I also have more than I can count of these cool wire locker baskets.  So they had to be used in this room as well.  I hung them on the wall as a shelving system.  I really love the way they look and add height to the room.  I rolled up some extra hand towels to store in the baskets.  I am sure they won’t stay in there long; I will find more junk that I must have for these shelves.

A few of my globes found their way into this room too.  It wouldn’t be a room in my house if it didn’t have a globe in it.

Next step was to add my “new” bull horns to this room.  Debbie and I went on a trip to a giant flea market in Hillsville, VA over the Labor Day weekend.  These were one of the many treasures I found that weekend.  I had to have them, but what exactly to do with them??? HUMMMMM.

Hanging above the shower in this bathroom before the makeover was a very generic sign I had picked up at a Mega Store!  Of course I hated it now.  I added a fresh coat of paint to the sign to cover up the generic message.  I then knew I wanted to make a “rack” out of the horns.

I used a pool noodle, that’s right, a pool noodle covered in grey burlap with natural burlap in the center for a change of color.  I cramed (technical term) the noodle into the horns and there you go, instant bull horn rack.  I am so in love with the way this turned out.  It really cost me close to nothing.  The horns were only $10.00 and the rest of the materials I had on hand.  I have a few other little touches in this room I am thrilled with.  I will add them soon.  Enjoy!  Junk ON!  Pam


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