Mixing things up in the kitchen!

So I have been waiting to create this “new” fixture for a few weeks.  This was an idea that Debbie and I got from the cool chicks from Junk Gypsies.  We love their junkie style.  We were so lucky to find these vintage mixing whisks at our favorite junk spot.  Okay well let me define “find”.  We went on our junk adventure one hot day and Debbie and I spotted what looked like a whisk in an old school bus.  That is right, school bus.  Our friend stores things in all kinds of places.  I decided that I wasn’t leaving there with out it.  I squeezed in through the back of the bus.  The exit door would only open about 6″ and I was getting in there even if I had to strip down and grease myself up.   JACKPOT!   We found not one, but at least 10 vintage mixing whisks.

Now the biggest problem we have is decing if we want to sell them or keep them all for ourselves.  Stay tuned!




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