Studio Room Makeover (Old Gate)

We all have those rooms in our homes that we just don’t use, right?  Well I have lived in my house for over 7 years.  I had a “living room” that none ever set foot in.  I just couldn’t take it.  I decided that all my lovely collections of “junk” were being wasted hidden away.  I came up with a plan to change the unused space into a studio for my crafting and junk “shrine”.

The first step was picking a new neutral color.  I knew I wanted something grey.  I loved all of my shabby and beat up furniture, but I also love a little bling in every room.

This week I will tell you a little about one of the areas I created.

I make wreaths and I love anything crafty that I can make from paper. Lately, I have really enjoyed making paper wreaths out of old dictionary paper.  I run out of places to display these wreaths.  I found this great old gate at my favorite spot and I knew it would be a great way to display some of my wreaths before they were sold and shipped off to a new home.

The galvanized bucket table under the gate was another great yard sale find.  I love the way it looks and it now has function with the addition of a .50 cent piece of glass on top.

Thanks for looking!




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