Hello world!

Wow!  We are finally doing it!  Pam & I have been talking about creating a blog to showcase some of our favorite upcycled projects, and here it is.  Now….where to start?  Yesterday, we went to the 100 mile yard sale starting in Amelia, Virginia.  We didn’t make it far before we ran out of money and space in our truck!  We found some amazing things for our upcoming projects – vintage tablecloths, a chain link fence gate, old vinyl kitchen chairs, fence pickets, fish bowls, and the list goes on.  Our favorite part of the hunt is meeting the people.  The vendors often have stories to tell about their junk, and Pam & I love to listen.  Our favorite vendor of the day was this sweet older lady who was selling her handmade sewing creations.  She told us that she makes her goodies in order to cover food and gas expenses.  Of course that broke our hearts, but we loved her spirit.  The best part was that she was amazed that we wanted to buy her things.  In future blogs, we will showcase some of her goodies.

Pam is currently working on our first project.  Here’s a hint –  a bike wheel and blue mason jars.  Looking forward to blogging again soon.





5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I am so excited for your adventures and can’t wait to see all the cool and creative things you girls do. You all are amazing and so talented and I can’t wait to follow all your posts!

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